This pure all-natural plant extract blend offers a warming, penetrating scent that's sharp yet herbal. Mix with lotion and apply directly to the skin.


Ingredients: A combination of eucalyptus globulus, camphor, and cajeput therapeutic essential oils. 


Can be used in diffusers. Not for internal consumption. Please do a patch test prior to topical use.


This product is cold-pressed, pure, and non-GMO.  



Tissue & Joint Essential Oil Blend

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  • 25 ml

  • Find an area of your skin that can be left alone for 24 hours. The inside of the elbow works great for patch tests.

    Clean the area as much as possible with a cleanser you are familiar with.

    Apply a small amount of the product with clean hands to your test area and cover the test area with a bandaid.

    Wait 24 hours. If no irritation occurs, you can safely use this product.

    If you experience itching, burning, or any other sort of unpleasant sensation during this 24 hour period remove the bandaid and wash the affected area right away. Seek medical attention if required.