our story

Far from perfect in the skin department, we know what it's like to struggle with breakouts, dry skin, blemishes and other embarrassing irritations. After having tried every option available to us over the years, from expensive facial treatments to buying and trying (then ditching) various top shelf products, we simply wanted better for ourselves and our family.

We created Yellow Label Organics in an effort to be able to provide our skin with as much natural nourishment and support as possible, allowing it to do the job its supposed to be doing without synthetic interruption. We believe that maintaining the natural microbiome of the skin is one of the truest ways to protect and preserve it. 

We take great care in selecting our ingredients, packaging, and methods of processing. Our goal is to improve our bodies while improving the planet. 

saving the honeybee

We use dark, organic honey from a sustainable ECO-certified and BIO-certified supplier in Brazil. We incorporate this particular honey into most of our products because, besides its amazing healing, protective, and restorative properties, organic Brazilian honey contains no traces of heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals.


To produce organic honey from Brazil beehives are placed within remote rainforest regions that have never made contact with any sort of agriculture in the past.

Brazilian bees also have a high immunity against several illnesses. They do not require drugs, such as antibiotics, or any other sort of treatment, leaving organic Brazilian bee products residue-free.


More importantly, we choose to incorporate Brazilian honey into our products to help support the rejuvenation of the bee population in Brazil.

By incorporating honey from Brazil in our products and planting two trees for every order in 2022 we hope we can make an impact in the care of our environment here and across the globe. 

You have the option of purchasing Yellow Label Organics without honey if you prefer the vegan option. 

100% eco-friendly shipping packaging
glass bottles and biodegradable gift packaging